First, some inspiration...

...then sketch up...

... and design in vector app.

My studio view


I've always been fascinated by animals and depictions of animals – from cave paintings to corporate design. As a kid, I had great fun drawing animals, and I still do, and from that grew badimals. I've tried to create a minimal look that playfully mixes the bad with the cute, avoiding the clichéd extremes of snarling lions or kitsch kittens – I want people to smile when they see one of my designs.


I get inspired by wildlife documentaries, cartoons, my ornaments and old nature books. For the badimals collection, I first sketched away before using a vector program to make the final design – the whole process can take hours, if not days. My studio's deep in the Bavarian alps, so when I'm not working, I head for the peaks and with a little luck, might get to see an eagle or a deer.

Jon Palmer, badimals founder, graphic designer and illustrator


As a donor, I and badimals support a European wild wolf conservation program, a big cat charity and a major environmental investigative & campaigning agency. For several years, I worked as a part-time volunteer on Indian conservation projects with UK-based organizations.


I believe strongly that action starts at home, so I pick up any trash in the countryside, buy local, vacation local, recycle, eat organic, get involved in progressive politics (which I prefer to call "get-real politics"), drive a small car as little as possible and generally lead a bonsai-lifestyle. If you don't already, give it a try – it'll make you feel better and the planet.